chaplain's log


    It is a wonderful achievement that St Paul’s church is reaching 30 years old at the end of the year.  On Christmas Day 1988 the church held its first service in Vossem.  People were amazed that such a large number of people attended.  A church was born!  It is really no surprise.  God blesses those who, in faith, step out in his name to reach those who do not yet know him!


    So, we want to mark this marvelous milestone.  To do so, we have invited Bishop Robert to our service on 16th December at 10:30 in the BSB.  It will be a service of Celebration and also one in which people mark their own faith journey.  He will Confirm 6 people (which is the Anglican way of taking the step beyond Baptism, a personal marking of faith) and also Patrick Lambert will be Licensed as a Reader (Lay Minister).  How appropriate that he is taking this step – one of the original church members.  What a lovely way to celebrate!


    After the service we are having a Celebration Lunch which the Bishop will attend.  Details will follow but please put this date into your dairy!


    And also on the day before (Saturday 15th December) we will have a stall at the Kerstmarkt in Tervuren.  Please come and help us tell the town that we are here – and they are welcome to join our welcoming (30 year old) community.


  • Simon WRITES...    11 NOV 2018


    I find it most moving to be in Belgium as we mark100 yr since the end of World War 1.  To think that we are so close to the physical land that was brutally fought over in Flanders & N France.  But also to reflect on those words (that today echo rather hollow) that this was the ‘war to end all wars’.


    On Sunday I will remember all those who suffered through both World Wars.  I will also pray for those who are affected today by endless conflicts – the soldiers; the civilians & the peacekeepers.  And, as a Christ-follower, I will pray that ‘my feet will be guided in the path of peace’ (Luke 1:79); that I will commit myself to be a person of God’s deep unshakeable peace.


    St Paul’s church is 30 years old at Christmas!  And to mark this great anniversary we ask you to keep the weekend of 15th – 16th  December please!


    On the afternoon of Saturday 15th  December we want to have a substantial presence at the Sociale Kerstmarkt in Tervuren (to remind folk that we exist!)  And on 16th December our 10.30am service will be a Dedication with Bishop Robert followed by special a Celebration Lunch.  Please put these dates in your diary and don’t miss out!  More details to follow.


    A refrain from my youth that has stuck with me is, ‘Pray as if it all depends on God but live as if it all depends on you’. I’m not sure where it originated, some sources say it was St Augustine and others flip the sentence round and credit it to St Ignatius but I do know where I heard it from, Rob Cook who was a our volunteer youth leader when I was a teenager.


    This week in our sermon series we are focusing on those men and women of faith who have gone before us, those who have prayed for us and shared the good news of Jesus with us and demonstrated the gospel to us. As we give thanks to God for them we should also ask who therefore am I praying for, who am I sharing my faith with and demonstrating the gospel to?


    We have in the coming months some great opportunities where we can do this together. We can demonstrate the gospel through Acts of Kindness, if you have given out a card to someone we would love to hear what you did.


    We can share our faith by inviting people to our Guest Service on 11th November and to various Christmas services and events through December and in January we are running another Alpha Course.


    And let’s pray through all of this as if everything depends on God.



    On 11th November we are holding a special service to mark 100 years since the end of the 1st World War.  It is hard to over-estimate the significance of this war and the way it has shaped events (& our world) since then.


    We are holding a Guest Service at 10:30am in the BSB as we believe you may well be able to invite your friends & colleagues to this.  If you were at our previous Guest Service you will remember that the whole service was aimed at enabling the non-regular attender to feel at ease (& be able to join in with us).  It is our way of reaching out & helping others to feel part of what we do in church!


    Please take invitations from church on Sunday and ask folk to come and join us on the 11th November.  We will give time for reflection and mark the war’s end with a Minute’s Silence.  For some of us, poppies are part, too, of the tradition.


    If your guests bring children along, they will be most welcome….either to stay with the adults for the duration of the service or to go out when Nathan takes the youngsters to MEGA SPLASH.


    And after the service (& coffee) we are holding a Church Lunch.  We want our you & our guests to feel truly welcome.  Please invite others – you never know, they might say ‘yes’!


    Thank you so much to everyone who made such a great contribution to our Church weekend Away at La Foresta.  Whether you felt you played a major role – eg thank you Penny & James Gibbs, you did! – or simply joined us for part of the time, it was lovely to share together.


    If you didn’t manage to get to La Foresta, do ask folk about what happened – maybe you can join us next time?  In fact, it was so good partly because the weather was amazing last weekend.  It helps; but is not all the story.  We grew together as The Body of Christ.


    Next Sunday 28th October I am delighted that Hannah Copner & Tanyaradzwa Musara will be baptized by full immersion.  We are getting a baptismal pool and it will happen outside the canteen during the 10:30 service.    It is a significant step of faith for these young people.  Please pray for them and the commitment they are making.


    And today 21st October we are starting a series of 4 sermons under the theme Hope In The Face Of Loss.  Mostly looking at the Christian understanding of Death, we want to support those who (still) mourn their loss.  This week we will focus on Untimely Death.  We will offer the opportunity to light a candle in memory and receive prayer ministry.  We are hoping & praying that the Lord will meet us each as we hold our losses before him. 


    Next weekend we are at La Foresta.  I am getting very excited about this time away and pleased that so many from our community will be there together.  It will give us an opportunity to grow together and to listen to God as we seek to serve him & move into the future.  Although, at 30 years old, our church is becoming more mature we still need to realize that God calls us to take the gospel afresh to each & every generation.


    If you are not able to be with us for the whole time, maybe you could join us for the day on the Saturday?  It would be lovely if you could be part of what God will do (& teach) through Stuart McAllister.  It would be great if you could experience something of the atmosphere & togetherness.


    On Sunday 14th October there will be no services in Tervuren, neither at 9am at the church centre nor at 10.30am at the BSB.  Instead you are invited to join us for our act of worship at 11.15am.  It will be Holy Communion and be an act of worship for all, regardless of age!  Come long to La Foresta (just put Kloosterweg, 3052 Blanden into your sat nav!).  You’d be most welcome!


    And, please can all of us pray for this time – for God’s rich blessing on us all!