Bible study notes

Use these notes to help guide you through the bible in group, one to one or on your own. If you are interested in joining one of our small groups please go to the Our Meetings page or contact Nathan Gregory who would be happy to give you more information.

  • Make it Stick summer discussions with your kids

    Through out the summer 2018 both the adults and the kids are looking at women in the Bible. To help the conversation and discussion go further for both you and your child we will be handing out 'Make it Stick' sheets each week but you can also access them here.

    Esther - 1st July

    Abigail - 8th July

    Deborah - 15th July

    Hannah - 22nd July

    Rahab - 5th August

    Mary - 12th August

    Lydia - 19th August

  • Holiness & Hope in Hostile World - 1 Thessalonians

    Download our Summer term 2018 series study guide by clicking on the image.


    2 CORINTHIANS 8 & 9

    Please click on the image to download the study guide

  • The Resurrection According to Luke

    Please click the image to download this Easter study guide.

  • Whole life worship - small group guide

    Please click on the image to download the Home Group material to accompany our Whole Life Worship sermon series. Videos to accompany the sessions can be found on LICC's website.

  • January 2018 Home Group notes

    Please click the image to download January's study guides.

  • Approaching Christmas From A Different Perspective

    A couple of Bible studies which lead up to Christmas.

    Please click on the image to download the studies.

    This link will download a high resolution image onto your phone, tablet or computer of the painting  Descent From The Cross

  • Rebuilding the temple

    Studies in the Old Testament books of Ezra & Haggai.

    Click this link for the study notes Rebuilding the Temple